The buss services need to change.In my local are the busses are absolutely atrocious and need to change.My disliking off the buss services is not a personal one, it is shared by my entire area.

The most important problem with the busses is how unreliable they are. The time sheets may say 6pm but the buss will most likely not get their till 7 or sometimes not at all, but that's just on weekdays. On weekends it's even worse because on week days their are quite a few busses going around so if one lacks another may pick up the pase but on weekend theirs less then half the amof busses meaning if one lacks or God forbid you miss one you'll be waiting all day, for example a week ago me and my dad decided to go swimming and thought we could take the buss so at 11am we went to the stop and saw that a buss was due in a few minutes but little did we know that it wouldn't come. We waited for 4 and a half hours for one single buss but none did, so we decided to go home and call a taxi we then waited 10 minutes and got in our taxi and went to the swimming baths.

The second biggest problem is the cost because unlike in London where stidenget a free pass hear everyone has to pay and before 9am theirs no child cost so to go to school you have to pay as an adult. Going back to my previous example that buss we would have gotten would have cost both of us £7 but the taxi only cost £7.50 so any familys of three or more will pay less for a taxi then for a buss.

The final point of disliking towards the busses is that the locations you can stop at are so randomly placed you would have to get off the buss and still walk for 10-20 minutes to get to where you wanted to go. My solution to this problem would be to get rid of buss stops and create a new system when you can put your hand out to get on a buss and press the buzzerto get off anywhere during the busses journey, for the other two I would say the solution is obvious just hire more workers(or purely pay the workers based on performance) and lower prices

By Joseph etheridge