There's this stigma around positivity and that everything will be okay if you are positive. But is it?

It takes 66 days to change a bad habit into a new one. Prehaps positivity? Positivity has been proven to improve you mental and physical state. Motivation: this comes with positivity, making you do things you may have been putting off for months. Many people argue that if you are positive when thinking about somrthing for example a test at school, you are probably going to do well in it and you would have been motivated to prepare and revise for it. But is all about a good outcome?

Positivity is an expectation not a reality. We are all humans and not programmed to be perfect and feel good all the time. Positivity may improve our lives but we can't stop how we feel, you can switch your emotions off when you want to. We are all human, and we are all positive sometimes but also negative sometimes.