Clapham Common's Winterville's is open from the 15th of November until the 23rd of december. It offers a wide range of activities such as; street food, fair rides, cinema with a range of films, mini golf and even roller skating!

 In this article I will be reviewing the backyard cinema. 

It offers both christmas and non festive films like- Elf, Beauty and Beast sing-on-along, Frozen, Love actually, Little mermaid and many more. I saw Elf. When arriving at the venue there was a short, well paced queue. Once in the event you could walk around and grab a bite to eat or ride the fair groound rides. Before going into your tent for the movie, there was a maze. There were 3-4 door, and options avalible. This system worked well as it didnt become pacted and after completing the maze you didnt have to queue for you seats. Once you have passed the maze the lovley staff greeted you and showed you to your seats. Your seats were a large beanbag chair, they were extremly comfortable ans if you paied more you were given a pillow. Personally I do not think that the pillow is nessecary for a comfrotable viewing. Everyone had the option for a blanket, and there was a bar with drinks and sweets open throughout the whole film. The drinks ranged from mulled wine and beer for the adults to juices and fizzy drinks for children. You could also buy popcorn, mince pies and sweets. The tent was heated and i didnt feel like you were outside. 

Overall I think that this is a perfect day or night out for the family.