Shooting at Central Hill Estate

By Arieb Malik, The Norwood School

A witness at the scene of the shooting on the Central Hill Estate claims that there were 14 gunshots fired during the shooting that ended up injuring two men.

The two men who were injured were 24 & 25 years old & both received gunshot wounds on their legs on Wednesday evening on the 31st of October after a fight had erupted on Lunham Road before 6pm. The injuries that both men suffered are said to be “not life threatening” according to a Met Police spokesman. The reason for this shooting is purely unknown however famous music personalities Krept & Konan were at the scene where they were serving as cameos for another musician’s music video that he was filming. Residents who lived near the scene of the shooting reported that a music video was being filmed on the estate with many people, mainly men in their 20’s & also teenagers were at the shooting of the music video. They also said that at one point during 2pm “there were around 200 people, motorcycles & cars” by the Central Hill Food & Wine shop. As yet there have been no arrests but police are saying that their investigation & enquiries are ongoing.

“I heard six shots then two more and then six more. After that, there were many sirens,” this is what a witness has said after hearing the traumatic gunshots. Also a woman had also endured a injury believed to be minor during this incident believed to be a graze.

Police were quickly scattered outside Central Hill Food & Wine, a shop on Hawke Road, the location of the crime is not very far from Gipsy Hill train station & residents had also said that they reported “seeing and hearing a police helicopter in the sky.” Police urge witnesses who were active at this incident but haven’t spoken to police yet to contact them regarding information to help them with solving the crime.

By Arieb Malik, The Norwood School