Streatham High Road’s KFC is being replaced by Maeme’s

Arieb Malik, The Norwood School

It’s official; the Streatham High Road KFC has been replaced by another fast food restaurant. Customers wanting halal KFC can no longer go to this location, 116 Streatham High Road, Streatham, London SW16 1BW.

The KFC restaurant was closed at 9pm on Sunday 18th November 2018; the day after the Maeme’s restaurant was declared halal. The fast food restaurant said, “Sorry to all our customers that have visited this store for custom KFC food, we are terribly sorry,” this specific fast food restaurant has been open for many years & had mixed reviews. Some customers didn’t like the customer service very much while others had praised it. There were always different staff members every few months & there was also miscommunication between staff & customers while ordering or trying to buy their meal.

Sandra Constantine said “usually the queue can be ridiculously long with only two people serving… the toilet downstairs was disgusting, definitely more attention needs to be paid to the cleaning schedule,” while Melanie Leadley said “came in here for a snackbox when I was running in a rush! Was in & out in 2 minutes – great service!” Judging by these reviews by these customers, they’re very mixed & definitely have different opinions about the restaurant.

The fast food restaurant replacing the KFC restaurant for fast food is called Maeme’s, it has a certificate for declaration that the restaurant is halal as it also caters for those who are Muslims from the Islamic faith. It serves Flame Grilled Chicken, Salads & much more very similarly to KFC. The prices for these foods vary as 5 wings cost six pounds altogether when the other KFC used to sell 2 wings for 1 pound.

Customers are unsure whether this change was good or necessary, or even needed however in upcoming weeks & months, we’ll definitely see whether they will appreciate the service the staff at Maeme’s provides & whether they can manage to run their business.

Arieb Malik, The Norwood School