Is it better to fail before success?

By Orla Tyson The best victory is the most difficult ones the ones were you've worked all day and night to get where you want to be. Sometimes that success doesn't come so easy. Society doesn't worship failures which could make a person having fail a lot harder to get over. We all can react badly to failure sometimes making our defence mechanisms kick in creating an “ i cant do it “ or an “ i can't be bothered to go through it again” attitude which can get the best of us. Majority of people have a fear of failure which can really prevent us from getting back up effectively allowing us to grow and learn from our mistakes. Let's talk about how failure is a good way to succeed but first let's define failure. Failure is a condition of not meeting your desirable target and is considered the opposite of success.

So how do we go from the opposite of success to success?

The key to falling onto the right path and learning from the mistakes made from the past is motivation. As hard as it may be to get back up and have self motivation at the same time it is the most important thing to have. Surround yourself with people that motivate and help you , read and watch motivation speeches like Eric Thomas’s speech “ i can, i will, i must” it can have a significant effect on you if you hear about motivation from another person especially one that has already succeeded. Secondly and finally would be to know exactly what you want, think long term think of what passing this exam or presenting this pitch to the company your working for is going to do for you. Why do you want it so badly? Once you know exactly that it would be almost impossible not to get back on the right path. Remember failure gives you more experience and patients than anything else which is seen as some of the best qualities to have.