My school, The Norwood School, specializes in performing and visual arts. Every year during the autumn term a singing contest is held that the whole school can get involved in. From pupils who sing as contestants, to others that do backing dances and costumes. It is an opportunity for all to display their talents.

The final show is an exciting evening performance in the final week of term before Christmas, where those who have made it through the previous two rounds perform in front of friends, family, and teachers. All acts, whether groups or individuals, have been practicing every hour possible. They get the chance to do two songs, a slow one and a faster paced one which have been chosen with the help of the performing arts and music teachers. All songs are matched to the performer’s vocals, and everyone involved gets the opportunity to shine.

All performances are judged by a panel of teachers, who then rank the contestants. They are then all welcomed back on stage at the end and the winners are announced by the judges. There is a 3rd place, 2nd place and 1st place. The contestant that has placed first will receive a prize at the end of the show and naturally lots of congratulations.

The experience of singing in front of so many people, with backing dancers and a live band is incredibly special and one that all the contestants, whether winners on the night or not, never forget.