In Primary School teachers would ask their students “What do you want to do when you’re grown up?” Fireman, Astronaut, Artist, Singer and so many other ambitious occupations. However, during adolescence you are told that decisions need to be made and the same question arises, but differently phrased “What do you want to do in the future?”. Deciding what you want to do in the future is overwhelming.

During my studies at Avanti House School I have found many events that accommodate all students to prosper in their future professions, via UCAS. Finding the right career for you isn’t an easy task. It requires aspirations that may seem far-fetched or unrealistic, but those aspirations will help pave your path into your future vocation.

From the careers fair, students where are able to uncover which industry is best suited for them, whether it be STEM, Media or apprenticeships.

From a young age I’ve always wanted to be a journalist and my passion for this has never disappeared. However, speaking to my constituents I found that many students have yet to seek their future career or are unsure about their future occupation.

The UCAS careers fair has helped many discover that there are various routes in life – not only attaining a degree. During my visit to the ExCel Centre (London), I found that there are many opportunities for everyone, especially for girls who want to focus on STEM subjects. The UCAS fair has broadened indecisive minds to look at apprenticeships alongside other paths.

Talks from Heathrow Airport on ‘How to write a CV’ provided helpful tips on what students should look out for, when applying for jobs or apprenticeships such as, “Is the company right for you? Are their ethics and values in line with yours?”. These talks have aided students' abilities to understand what companies and careers they wish to go into.

Overall, there are many opportunities in the world of work and in academia. Even though the field of work is highly competitive, events such as these provide students with tips on how to succeed within their chosen career alongside offering advice for undecided minds.