As I was reading my local community newspaper 'Waltham Forest Echo' I realised how grateful I am to be part of a community.

I searched on Google 'What actually is a Community?' and according to the Oxford Dictionary, a community is "A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common." But don't you think this definition is a little ambiguous? A community in my words would be described as 'A group of people with real feelings, experiences, hopes and dreams who care, respect and feel they belong together.'

The world needs fewer summits, conferences, meetings and more COMMUNITIES! Communities have so many upsides ; You feel empowered and safe, You can create and share new ideas, You can build relationships which builds trust, You can build self-confidence, You can share experiences good or bad, You can be at your lowest point but knowing that you've got support all the way through, You can feel connected, You can see a range of diversity with the people you meet...

"The best thing about communities is the wide range of activities I can get involved with, I'm learning something new everyday!..."And get involved in a community, you build so many different qualities."- Vienttar Zephrainme, a local Waltham Forest resident said.

So what does community mean to you?