Many people have heard of the term ‘organic food’ but for those who haven’t, it is the manufacturing of food without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or other artificial chemicals. In this way, it is very much different to the produce you normally see because of the fact that it looks more, in the words of a five year old ‘weird’. The reason you would think it is weird looking is because natural, fresh food comes in all shapes and sizes but because those big brand supermarkets want everything to look ‘perfect’, they often end up throwing away abnormal sized fruits or veg which is why the produce you buy at your local supermarkets would be unblemished.

Second Nature Organic and Wholefoods is an excellent example of an Organic Supermarket which has been providing people with Organic food for over 25 years. This company have bio-degradable packaging which lets you contribute to prevent the mass of plastic rising in our oceans a little at a time.

Stepping inside is like stepping inside a wonderland full of goodies. Organic honey is one of the best to taste and with the packaging that has been kindly given to it, you’ll just be begging to buy. The prices are at quite a reasonable level considering the effort taken to keep them looking eye-catching. Second Nature also offer a wide range of items available for refill including: Olive oil, pasta, and all nuts and grains. Non food items such as hand soap, shampoo and conditioner are definitely up for refill as well. Overall, it is an amazing place to shop for your kitchen and household needs because it is likely to have everything you need