So a few nights ago at around 2 in the morning I witnessed a hungry defenceless fox almost get run over by a speeding car. Initially when it happened I was shocked, I was awake due to insomnia and was enjoying fawning over a fox attempting to open a black bag.  Everything was calm. Everything was peaceful. That was until a car speeding down the road, breaking the speed limit of 20 miles per hour, almost hit the fox! Thankfully the fox ran out of the road, and the only thing which was damaged was the black bag. The sack itself was displace about 3 meters away, but let’s imagine for a second that the fox didn’t get out of the way. What then? Would another animal play victim to yet another person speeding down a road in the dead of the night?

But the worst of all after the loud crash that came from the trash bag, the driver didn’t even get out to check if what they hit was ok! Shocking. How is this right? If you hit something in the middle of the night, even if it was just a trash bag, it is common decency to stop and check what you had hit and if it was ok. Even if just to check that your car was also okay too. Not just reverse back around it and continue driving like nothing had happened. Yes, this driver was lucky with the fact nobody was injured. However, if the bag was say a cat or even the fox, then that driver getting out could be the difference between the animal living or dying.

So please if you are ever driving home late at night, don’t speed. If you ever do hit something at night, if you are even in this situation, check what you actually hit. It could be the difference of life or death to either a wild animal, or someone’s beloved pet. I know this doesn’t sound like much but every animal has its own family or pack, even deceptively cute, but completely vicious animals, like foxes. Just obey the speed limits and stay safe on the roads; they’re there to keep everyone safe.