Over 4,000 monthly listeners, a sold out show and an ever growing Instagram following has meant The Motive, with their unique and distinctive sound, are one of the most exciting bands in South West London right now, and are looking to continue their success in the coming years.

Max Elliott, rhythm guitarist and keys player for the band, who has enjoyed individual success with his EP- Chasing Time, alongside his collective accomplishments, told me how the band came into existence, in a rather unconventional way.

“There was this guy that we knew, who was part of a Beatles tribute band in Thames Ditton, and I think he heard me playing piano one day and asked if I wanted to come and do a support act for his tribute band”

“So I thought we should get a little band together. Initially it was me, Oscar and Nate, and it went pretty well so we thought we should try and make a thing out of it. Over the course of a few years Jamie came in to play the drums and we got Ned in on bass too. So the only thing we did for a few years was play as this support act!” 

Since then, the band has grown and developed, releasing a number of its own singles including 'Late Nights' and the mellow 'See Between', along with a sell out show at the Basement Door in Richmond, a personal highlight for Max.

“We decided to go all out for the basement door, printing out posters and everything. Two hundred people came through, and the best thing was when we played one of our own songs, about half the crowd started singing along! It was crazy to see people actually listen to our music and know the words, it was mad!”

Although the band is seen on the surface as part of the ‘indie-rock’ genre, in reality its distinct sound is formed from a number of influences, from every member of the band. With some preferring Jazz and Hip-Hop, whilst others listen to the likes of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, the sound that is produced on each track is incredibly unique, and helps to separate the motive from the rest, and has been a key factor in their success.

With another show coming up on November 16th at the Basement Door, and being in the process of recording a three track EP,  the Motive don’t seem to be slowing down, and they hope it is only the beginning, with University and life after school threatening to split the band up in the coming years.

“Three of the members of the band are at ACM music college in Guilford so they’re looking to go straight into the music industry, but our singer (Nate Brazier) will probably go to uni, and I probably will as well, but I’m looking to take a gap year, so we’ll see how it goes”

For now however, the band’s only focus is the music and they are motivated to move forward ‘as a team’ in the future towards even more success.