Many students from various schools in and around London have been given the opportunity to experience different research projects in groups about different aspects of physics over the past months. 

A conference was held in Queen Mary University of London on the 21st of March 2018. Students explored and gathered data on the project that they where given. At the Cosmic Con, a variety of schools attended and did talks and poster presentations on certain aspects they found particularly interesting.  By analysing data that was given such as in the MUSICS project - Magnetospheric Undulations Sonified Incorporating Citizen Schools, students listened to and analysed waves on a software called audacity and learnt about the magnetosphere. 

With informative talks and creative posters, the evening was packed with groups of students who are willing to learn and come together to share their findings with others. The place was packed with pizza and warm, delicious chocolate and fudge brownies. “I had a great time. This research project helped me with my organisational skills and I can take away a lot from it”.

The Cosmic Con not only gave students the opportunity to learn more about other aspects of physics and the variety of areas to investigate into but also developed skills needed for school as well as everyday situations. The Cosmic Con at QMUL 2018 ended with a prize ceremony giving out letters to each student that participated in the project and a lucky few that went away with a goodie bag, for the best posters and talks. “I had a excellent few months doing this project in my spare time with my friends and I had an even better evening today! Hopefully I will get the chance to experience this again in the future".