Looking to get rid of your Christmas tree? But you don’t know how? Look no further than the 1st Weston Green scout group, for an simple, easy and efficient way to recycle your tree.

As the festive season draws to a close the annual confusion of what to do with the Christmas tree arises. Scout groups across the country, such as 1st Weston Green, are collecting trees on 6+7th January. For as little as £6 you can dispose of your tree, whilst also helping the local community and saving yourself valuable time. Weston Green scouts will only be collecting from Hinchely Wood, Weston Green, Thames Ditton, Long Ditton, Molesey, Hersham and Walton – if you live out side this area but would like your tree collected contact them using this email help@westongreenscouts.org.uk.

The Booking Form MUST be submitted by 11:59 4th January for your tree to be collected!

Christmas trees are viewed as a modern Christmas necessity, yet with prices seemingly always rising are we beginning to question how much Christmas trees should cost? With the financial pressure of Christmas already a heavy yoke resting on most shoulders, it would seem sensible to look at alternative options. Artificial trees are on the rise and from as low as £40 good quality, long life 8ft artificial trees can be bought. These ‘outlive’ real trees by numerous years before they begin to deteriorate. Even though it will never completely resemble all the features of a real tree, plastic alternatives are an economically efficient replacement. Although, if you have already arguably made the error of buying a real tree 1st Weston Green can literally remove it from your life for a minuscule fee.

Who are 1st Weston Green Scouts?
This growing Scout group are currently based at the All Saints Church Hall, and run 6 packs: Rainbows, Beavers, Brownies, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scouts. One leader described the organisation as 'thriving'. The group is lead by devoted volunteers, who give up countless hours of their lives to provide unique opportunities to local children.

The scouts and volunteers will collect your tree from your drive and take it to Garson’s Farm in Esher. Here they will hand it over to the council who will then take the trees to recycling centres. You won't have to stay in to pay or to give them your tree as payment is through PayPal and if left at an accessible place at the front of your house the volunteers will take it. If you have more than one tree then they can all be collected, but it is a minimum donation of £6 per tree.

To book your collection visit www.collectmytree.org.uk/home/book-now/ and fill out the online booking form. Last year this scout group raised a huge amount of money, but they didn't get enough to buy a new minibus, but hopefully this year enough will be raised to afford it.