Brownies is a section in the Girl Guides organisation. The particular local organisation takes place in the London Borough of Bromley at Hayes Free Church, Pickhurst Lane. Brownies teaches girls ages seven to ten years old about life skills but this is mainly taught through activities. This a place to simply have fun and make life-long friends.

As a young girl growing up, joining Brownies showed clear development from nine year old in Hayes. Brownie member joined Brownies aged seven, after the participation in Rainbows. Nine year old expresses her excitement about going to Brownies and says “it’s the highlight of my week”, after a day at school she says that she can finally unwind from work and have quality time with her friends.

There is a uniform that the Brownie members have to wear. Brownie member says “the uniform we all have to wear is brown and yellow with the ‘Brownies’ logo on the front. We also wear a sash that we can put badges on if we succeed in different activities”. These badges help the members clearly establish their achievements. Brownie member also states “We all have to carry around a box too that holds Brownie books and pencils”. The Brownie books include various activities, songs and most importantly, the Brownie ‘code of conduct’ that every member has to abide by.

There are many activities and outings. Nine year old from Hayes exclaimed “the activities are really fun. Once we all went for an outing to the local fire fighters and learned about fire trucks and what to do in an emergency of a fire, but apart from that in the Church we make things, play games and complete tasks”. This further increases creativity and skills that are needed for later in life, including socialising and teamwork. “We all work together as a team and help each other out. Our Brown Owl who is in charge of us also helps us if we have any problems”. The ‘Brown Owl’ is the main person in control of the Brownie members at Hayes Free Church and helps to organise these different outings and activities.

Nine year old Brownie member at Hayes Free Church overall says “I love Brownies and am hoping to join Guides when I reach the age of eleven”. Brownies is evidently adored by mostly all of its members and this is due to its sense of community from all members, helpers and the ‘brown owl’.