Outside Bromley High School, musicians, singers and teachers of all kinds began the twenty two hour coach journey to Barcelona, Spain. Over the span of six days, Bromley High students from years 8 to 13 performed at three different concert venues, a theatre, a museum and finally the British School in Barcelona, for audiences of all different ages. When they weren’t performing, the students were busy visiting many famous sights across the city.

    I talked to a two students from the 2018 BHS Music Tour to get their opinions on the trip. I started by asking Maddie what sites they visited and which one specifically was her favorite.

“We went to Montserrat (a mountain in Barcelona) which was the monastery and stuff like that. We went to the Sagrada Familia, we went to the beach, we went to the Picasso museum...we went loads of places.” But when it came to deciding on which of the sites that she visited was her favorite, Maddie paused, as if to reminisce “My favourite site was probably the church in Montserrat. It was just so breathtaking that it left a mark on me”

I then moved on to ask Micol about what her favorite part of the trip was on the whole.

“My favourite part of the trip was performing at the British School, all the pupils were very happy to see us play and they joined i with us as well! It was amazing to have so many children enjoying themselves because of our performances!”  

Bromley High Music  had a fabuloso time in Barcelona!