Horse riding is a skill that can contribute to recreational and practical purposes such as transportation. Though the use of horses was massive only a century ago, horse riding and horse care is something that can be very costly. Horse riding lessons can range from £20 - £40 in London. Many branches asking for more for private lessons and hacks of limited time. However, at Khailun-lir-Rahman riding club, horse riding is free.

Situated in Islamabad, Farnham a small town in Surrey, Khailun-lir-Rahman riding club offers free riding lessons with trained instructors and beautiful, healthy horses. As a non-profit organisation, its goal is to offer horse riding skills and horse care skills to everybody of all ages. The organisation was started on the 17th July 2011, by the present Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community and hopes that more people take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

The riding club is based outdoors, surrounded with countryside. And not only can you ride for flexible hours you can also learn how to tack up, groom and care for your own horse. Many members from the Ahmadiyya community visit the club and take lessons and the riding school is fully booked many days a week. Neighbours and anybody interested can begin there gaining all the skills in a professional area. The flexibility and laid back atmosphere attract many people.

The club has a stocked tack room and a good number of horses fit to suit a riding school. There are ponies and horses of varying sizes as well as this, the riding area is large of enough for improvement and to ride at different speeds. And for the horses there are many paddocks and a well-built stable. Despite being free all facilities are of amazing quality for the enjoyment of both horse and rider. A girl aged 12 who has been learning there said, “It’s so good because I can do so much myself. I was nervous but it’s all really comfortable.” And as a visitor there myself I have noticed that compared to other visited riding school it is very friendly and truly wished to provide anyone with the best horse riding experience.

Situated in Farnham horse riding here may only just be a small activity that can easily be added in a day out. Farnham is deep in the countryside meaning the agriculture and atmosphere is different from the city. So, it is a wonderful place to go if you are looking for a simpler evening. Farnham is full of art and culture and because it is not very large travelling between places is easy, there is also a train station meaning transport is available. One of the most popular things to do are visit the parks and public trails. Free Horse riding would be a perfect addition to the day.

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