Yesterday – the 30th of January, marked yet another march on the streets of London in response to Donald Trump’s executive order which planned to temporarily ban people from 7 major Muslim countries from entering the USA, in an attempt to ‘figure out’ what was going on.

Similarly, on the21st of January, people had taken to the streets to march all over the world and in London, to show support and solidarity for those who had felt that Trump’s campaign had attacked their lifestyle, beliefs and values. It was estimated that the march – starting outside the U.S. Embassy and concluding in Trafalgar Square, had attracted up to 100,000 people – even babies!

The march, which I had the pleasure of attending, had proved to many people that our voices can and will be heard as one cannot just simply ignore the masses of people here in London and all over the world, who had come out to show that we ‘cannot be divided’, and that love did indeed trump hate – given the fact that there were more out on the streets protesting than at the inauguration itself.

From this, I can only hope that people continue to speak out against what is wrong and realise that their opinion - their voice counts, and that if we all so this, then we truly cannot be divided.

Zara Roberts, City and Islington Sixth Form College