Carshalton High School for Girl has a Careers Fair every year; this year it is on Thursday 16th March. The aim is to give all of their students an opportunity to learn about jobs they may want to take up and to learn about Careers they didn’t know existed. Not only does the Careers Fair broaden their horizons and raise their ambitions but it also gives them a chance to ask questions and maybe find out what qualifications they need. This year the Careers Fair is being held on the Thursday 16th March from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in the new building. This gives a chance to the students to understand what jobs are out there and is great for when they choose their GCSEs, A Levels, Degrees or even Apprenticeships. Without all the support from former students or professionals from the world of work; the Careers Fair would not be able to take place. Some of the professionals who have already agreed to attend this year are; Ambulance Technician, Cabin Crew, the Chartered Institute of Insurers, DCL, Engineers from various sectors, Paul Scully MP and the Police. But there is always room for more employers and careers. Ricardo Rail said “I brought a team of engineers to last year’s Careers Fair at CHSG. We found it an inspiring experience, talking to lots of young people who were genuinely interested. We will be attending again this year”

After talking to some students at Carshalton High School for Girls, I found out how the Careers Fair has helped them. Rachel, “The Careers Fair helped me in a lot of different ways because it gave me an insight into what sort of Careers needed different qualifications. I liked having the chance to speak to the different jobs and it helped me know what jobs I might consider in the future. My favourite part of the Careers Fair was talking to all the different people.” Another student, Sophie says “I liked it because it gave me and insight into what kind of jobs are out there. It also helped because I could get advice about Careers from a person who was experienced in doing the actual job”

If you think you have an interesting job and would like to share your experiences at this year’s CHSG Careers Fair contact Mrs Greenland, Careers & WRL Manager, at Carshalton High School for Girls on 0208647 8294 or