On Friday 9th and Saturday 10th of December more than 200 pupils took part in the much celebrated and much enjoyed school production Taal. The word Taal translates to the ‘ beats of music’ and aims to not only introduce students to the culture outside of Bancroft’s but the wide variety of cultures in our school as a whole. This show is an incredibly anticipated and integral part of Bancroft’s cultural life. This fusion of dance, music and acting from Southern Asia was entirely student run with members of the HSBM (Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, and Muslim) society writing the script and choreographing the wide array of dances. Bancroftians take on full responsibility for everything ranging from the weekly Krispy Kreme sales, to finding sponsors from local businesses or renting costumes.  

The different dances included: Garba from Gujarat, Bhangra from Punjab, Hindi Dance from Delhi, Bharatanatyam from Southern India, Kathak from Northern India and Bollywood from the wide variety of Indian Films on offer. The play saw two young adults explore these areas for the first time and experience new cultures and styles.

All the money we raised from Taal will go towards supporting three charities. Firstly, Friendsline who aim to connect, educate and empower women and girls from all over the world to fight inequality and build stronger communities. Secondly, Alzheimer’s Research UK, who use funds to pay for research into the causes and cures of dementia. Lastly, United World Schools, who try and create education opportunities for the children in the world’s poorest countries.   

U6th pupil, Harleen Sian, one of our HSBM Society Presidents, said how important Taal has become for her and the School community, “Taal is an incredibly anticipated event each year at Bancroft’s and I cannot imagine my School life without it. It has allowed me to showcase my passion for all varieties of dance and learn new styles which I would never have experienced if it weren’t for this amazing production. It brings to the surface so many different cultures from South Asia and creates a sense of pride and community within those who take part.” 

The show went extremely well with the Redbridge Mayor coming to the Saturday show. He said: ‘As someone who has a good knowledge of Indian music and dancing the show was of a high standard. I enjoyed the show and wish the school and its pupils best of luck in the future.’

Thanks go to Karan, Harleen, Shraya and Umayair, our Taal Presidents for all their hard work and hopefully we can top it next year!

By Anya Shah, Bancrofts School