Grime music is on a rise as we speak. Net worth’s growing from £50,000 to £3.5 million and YouTube views rising from 100,000 to 5 million plus, Grime music’s popularity has grown significantly. New artists are born every day, so competition is always around the corner.

Red Bull studios, London, saw potential stardom in 8 cities across the UK and decided to bring three unknown MC’S from each city to compete in ‘Grime Clashes’. Grime clashes are a key way to find out who the better MC is. They are one of the main origins of grime, dating back to 2001. Dubbed ‘Grime a Side’, London, Birmingham, Derby, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, Leicester and Sheffield were chosen to clash each other for regional supremacy. It was very exciting and a great way to promote the industry. Stars were definitely made as some MC’s surprised viewers with their lyrical ability. The results were:

Quarter Finals: Winners went onto Semi Finals

London Vs Leeds: London won by picking up 52% of the viewer vote.

Manchester Vs Nottingham: Manchester won by picking up 58% of the viewer vote.

Leicester Vs Sheffield: Leicester won by picking up 53% of the viewer vote.

Derby Vs Birmingham: Derby won by picking up 54% of the viewer vote.

semi finals: Winners went onto Final Clash

Leicester Vs London: Leicester picked a landslide victory by grabbing 63% of the viewer vote. Led to London’s Withdrawal.

Derby Vs Manchester: The best and tightest clash of the tournament led to Derby picking up 58% of the vote to knock out Manchester and go ahead to the Final. Derby’s Captain: Eyez was voted ‘man of the match’ for the second time in a row as his performance blew away the competition.

Live Final;

Yesterday marked the end of the tournament with the live final commencing. Leicester went first with a steady start, followed by a sea of lyrics by Derby’s side. Leicester came back with a great flow and held their ground. It was now Derby’s ‘one to watch’ artist called LOX’s turn. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get his words together in the live final and stuttered, leading him to just give the microphone to Leicester. Then Leicester’s captain Kamakaze pounced, getting a positive crowd response. It was then time for Derby’s two time ‘man of the match’ Eyez’s turn, where he sent shock waves through Leicester’s team and delivered an atom bomb of rhymes. It was then round two and the lyrics came around for one last round. ‘Bars’ were exchanged until LOX’s turn came around.  The Derby rapper finally gained the confidence he needed and absolutely teared the Leicester team apart, getting a huge crowd reaction. The captains exchanged harsh and gritty bars until voting opened.

An hour later and a winner was announced. Derby won with a slim 51% viewer vote and were crowned Grime a Side champions 2016, as well as Eyez becoming three-time ‘man of the match’. It was a great tournament and was very exciting