Due to finish in 2015, the metal monstrosity that goes by the name of St Mark's Square is still under construction. What once was an exciting prospect of increased tourism and a brand new cinema complex, it has now turned into a burden that has been left to fall on all those in the vicinity. As a Bromley resident myself, I have seen firsthand the reaction that mentioning the construction brings; usually that of displeasure. From speaking to local friends and family dotted around Bromley, I have gathered a compilation of quotes which I think perfectly sums up the mood of our residents.

 "Gone are the days when the highest buildings in Bromley were churches and other places of worship. Now Bromley's new deity is the God of Consumerism."

" I am surprised of the height of it. The model didn't look like that when it was on display. Now it's like this thing. Huge, monstrous... You can even see it from Keston common."

 "Its visible from Norman park. The style of architecture is horrendous. It looks like it's part of the brutalist architecture movement."

" It rose from the ground like Godzilla."

"Where are the children going to go to school who live in the new flats? Won't somebody think of the children!"

While these comments may have been comedic and light hearted, the meaning behind them is clear.

Bromley residents simply despise the newest addition to our sky line.

Whether you are a fan of St Mark's Square or not, it is promising to add 200 private and affordable apartments to Bromley as well as an extensive hotel that is fit to accommodate up to 130 guests. But is it worth it?

The building is estimated to have cost £90 million and currently the finish date has been pushed back to winter 2017 at the earliest, so many people argue that it is a waste of money and time. Shouldn't we be spending that money on helping the misfortunate and those in need? Only time will tell.