How do you empower the youngest generation of today then to endow them with the comforts of a non-judgmental, close-knit community?  In a world like today’s, where we crumble under the pressure of incoming exams as well as maintaining a functioning social circle, the Ahmadi ladies of Sutton thrive and illuminate us upon their journeys of endurance through these challenges.  

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is an international Islamic movement with their headquarters based in the London mosque of Baitul Futuh – the largest mosque in Britain.

One member informs me of the community’s endearing ‘strength and kindness’ as well as how confidence is instilled in each member through the sheer ‘positivity and kindness radiating through it’.  She goes on to say ,‘our Lajna (female Ahmadi in Urdu) community has always been out there doing amazing charitable events’ that frequently go underappreciated such as members ‘who visit the elderly and sick in care homes regularly, who give gifts to the less fortunate, who host regular coffee mornings for non-Ahmadis and much more.

Another describes how the community ‘explain in depth what we are expected to just know as teenagers’ and ‘empower us morally to be the better person’ while illuminating us upon how this opportunity has resulted in ‘hundreds of opportunities to help develop my life skills ... and gives you the motivation to want to better yourself in every way.’     

With the increased pressure of the new GCSE system in our lives as well superfluous appearance expectations to live up to, it isn’t difficult to appreciate exactly why the depression, suicide and self-harm rates of teenagers in London are rapidly escalating.  A community minus judgment and expectations is precisely what is required for the well-being of today’s adolescents, whereupon they can be themselves without the ever-present fear of being mocked by others and have distinctive, clear goals for the future. 

The finest example of a faultless community can be simply recognized by studying the ways of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community whose motto is ‘love for all, hatred for none’ - the ideal model for a faultless way of life, if one does indeed exist.

Aalia Qureshi

Nonsuch High School For Girls