On the 15th of October, a large group of students, parents and staff, teamed together to 'Spruce up' Newstead Wood School.

This is the second time this event has taken place and many of the students, who attend Newstead Wood School, have been amazed at the hard work and dedication, shown by these fantastic volunteers. The purpose of, 'Spruce up Saturday,' is to improve the school's gardens, classrooms and field areas, by helping paint, garden, or even providing refreshments for the volunteers. To understand more about this day, I interviewed some volunteers, who took part in this event.

Charlotte Campbell, a Year 10 student, informed me about what she did on the day; 'I participated by firstly clearing brambles from some of the green areas, at the front of the school, then I moved on to painting classrooms.'

When asked about the outcome of the day, Charlotte said, 'I thought the day was very successful because everyone working together to make little changes around the school actually impacted the atmosphere of the school, as a whole.'

Lastly, I asked Charlotte what her opinion was on the school community coming together for a day like this. 'I think it's very beneficial that the whole school community comes together because not only do we get more things done, we also have a chance to talk and form bonds. I think more people should participate in Spruce up Saturday, in the future, because think of how much more we can do together.'

Tanvi Singhal, another Year 10 student, agreed that the day was a success; 'We got a lot done; many rooms were painted, and the front gardens were looking much better, having been cleared up. '

When questioned about the school community, Tanvi said, 'I think it's great that our school community came together for a day such as this, as it was a great opportunity to give back to a school, which was giving so much to us and I would definitely participate in more events like this one.'    

Finally, Martin Campbell, a parent who also participated in the event, summed up the whole experience, 'I think it's a great idea and it should be done more often.'

Events, such as Spruce up Saturday, do not only improve the physical aspects of school, yet it is also a great opportunity for the school community to come together and to give back to their school, whilst still having lots of fun.

Maha Khalid - Newstead Wood School