The four piece band, ‘The Vamps, entertained a sold out O2 Arena yesterday, for the 6th show of the UK leg of their ‘Wake Up’ World Tour. There was fire, sparklers, smoke and confetti shooting from all sides of the stage, as the boys jumped and sprinted and danced their way around it.

The ‘indie rock’ or ‘pop’ group made of Bradley Simpson (lead vocals and guitar), James McVey (guitar and backing vocals), Connor Ball (bassist and backing vocals), and Tristan Evans (drummer and rapper) got the crowd of all ages jumping on their feet the entire night. Singing songs from both their new and old albums, they often stopped in amazement as the crowd sang back their lyrics, cheesy grins crawling up their faces.

Being recorded, the boys knew they had to put on an amazing show, and they did not disappoint; they included a traditional aspect - the medley of the songs: Sorry, Perfect, Stressed Out, Stitches, I Can’t Feel My Face and Lean On - taking them back to their roots of making covers on YouTube, only 3 years prior to their first World Tour.

They were also joined on stage with a few friends, including the new band ‘New Hope Club’ who are signed to The Vamps’ Steady Records Label as they sang their 5th single ‘Cecilia.’ And later joined by Conor Maynard for their latest single ‘I Found A Girl’ - available on iTunes and streaming sites now.

The crow erupted like a volcano as the hidden drummer, Tristan Evans, embraced his talent of rapping, finally walking the runway adopting movements from the original rapper (Silento) of their track ‘Volcano.’ He then went onto further impress the audience with his masterfully produced ‘drum solo,’ keeping everyone on the tips of their feet.

Alongside the hardcore fans, there were also some faces that were new to the sound of The Vamps. “I never really listened to their music before. But I have to say Brad is extremely talented, he can sing, play guitar, dance and play the drums. Is there anything he can’t do? It has definitely been a great concert!” commented Jack, a newly found fan of The Vamps.

They closed the night with their first single of the new album Wake Up,’  graciously thanking the audience of 20, 000, looking around in amazement to see their transformation from the band using Tristan’s garage, to produce covers on YouTube, to the band touring the world.

Georgia De Souza

St Philomena's High School