A father and daughter missed death after their car blew up shortly after arriving home from food shopping.

On Monday 28th March Zora and her father were unaware of anything being wrong with their car, untill they were alerted by neighbours that their car was on fire.

I asked Zora the following questions:

How long were you out of the car before it went up in flames?
Five minuets.

When did you notice something was wrong?

The neighbours from the second floor knocked on our door and told us our car was on fire, shortly before that my mum went outside to get the rest of the food shopping and said their was a funny smell, but we didn't think anything of it.

How are you feeling? 

I'm ok now, but was very scared when I first saw the car in flames as I was in the car just before it blew up.

This Is Local London:

Fire fighters came shortly after and neighbours were quick to offer their support. The father recently sold their other car not too long ago and the cause of the destruction is still unknown.

My wishes go out to the family and I hope this has urged people to not brush off any small problems with their car.

By Monica Charsley, South Thames Merton College