Therfield’s Jazz band is a group of hard working individuals who have devoted life out of school to attend music events and concerts.  They play popular Jazz songs such as Night Train but have also played carols and even the Star Wars theme tune!!  They have had a successful year performing in a lot of locations.  Most of these happened in December, which was very popular for the Christmas songs.

During the end of December, from the 12th-19th, Therfield's Jazz band were extremely busy, playing in five events, and learning as many as ten different carols.  The venues varied each time, though some of the most interesting were at Polesden Lacey, a stately home nearby to the school in Leatherhead, and at a tea party in the Leatherhead Institute.  To achieve this, a variety of instruments had to be taken to the occasions, including a downsized drum kit, a keyboard and approximately fifteen music stands.  All of these concerts improved the student's ability to perform on stage, and allowed them to master new songs that they hadn't played before.  This experience put the pupils and the audience in a Christmas spirit, with everyone donning their Christmas jumpers and singing along at the occasions.  In one location, the school concert at the end of term, the audience were required to stand each time a carol was being played.  However, much to their delight, there was a problem with the script, so they were constantly up and down. This was a brilliant end to the year for the group, who had also performed in many other locations as well. 

One of the most memorable locations that they played at was at the Surrey Youth Award Ceremony in March, where they had a theme of sci-fi, so the Jazz Band played the Star Wars and Star Trek theme tunes during the ceremony to accompany others whist they were collecting awards.  To make the night extra special as well, the team were nominated for an award.

Now the band is tackling another challenge.  As the famous musical, Guys and Dolls is being performed by a number of talented actors from the school, the band have risen to the task of learning up to thirty pieces to accompany them.  Although it is almost five months until the performance, they have already began rehearse on Tuesday 5th January for the show.  Student Mariska who is playing the part of Adelaide comments when asked about the Jazz band in the musical “I think it is really good because it involves the school and allows students not in drama to join in.”

Overall, it can be said that the Jazz band definatly had a busy year and are preparing themselves for another.  The Jazz band brings character to the school and make it different to other schools.