Over 15,000 Bromley fans are still recovering from the heartbreak of being seconds away from lifting a trophy in Wembley.

Bromley FC were 1-0 up against Brackley Town before a painful 95th equaliser led to The Ravens crashing out on penalties after extra-time in the FA Trophy Cup final.

Despite the defeat - supporter Lloyd Chambers couldn’t be prouder of his club.

The 48-year-old said: "The result was getting to the final and getting 16,000 people engaging with the club.”

He also paid tribute to chairman Jerry Dolke and the progress Bromley FC has made.

“Without Jerry Dolke, the club would have died in the early 2000s. From those days with crowds of 200 and struggling to stay out of the Kent League to bringing 17,000 to Wembley is an unbelievable journey.

"We used to only look down but now we are looking up. Only a small proportion of those there yesterday will understand and appreciate how incredible and amazing that is.

“The result was a disappointment, but these are golden days you can only appreciate if you've seen the darkest days.”

Steve Denny, 50, has been a season ticket holder at Hayes Lane since 1992.

After the game he told News Shopper: “First of all can I say how proud we are to see Bromley play at Wembley!

“To see 16,000 fans was amazing. Obviously I am really gutted we lost, especially when most of us were celebrating with seconds to go. But that’s football for you.”

He added that he hopes the cup run will inspire more people to cheer on the Lilywhites next season.

Clive Richardson, a Chislehurst resident of 70 years, said he “followed in his late father’s footsteps” at Wembley.

This Is Local London:

His dad was at the last Bromley FC Wembley cup final 69 years ago – a win in the FA Amateur Cup.

Clive added: “We were three kicks from glory and we lost in the cruellest manner.

“It was a disappointing end to a great day for all Bromley folk.”

One of Bromley FC’s most recognisable supporters, author Dave Roberts, said he cannot remember feeling so “demoralised” after a game of football.

This Is Local London:

“The highs lasted 94 minutes,” the writer of The Bromley Boys laughed.

“The fans were fantastic, it was non-stop noise from start to end. Everyone joined in a fantastic atmosphere.

“A lot of us lost sight over what a great season it has been - the most successful in our history.

“I am super positive about next season, we have a great manager and the strongest squad we have ever had.”

The Bromley Boys film adaptation is being premiered at Wembley Stadium on Thursday, May 24.

Tickets can be bought here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-bromley-boys-world-premiere-wembley-stadium-24th-may-2018-tickets-44139424206