Kids ought to be doing two hours of PE at school every day – that’s according to Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

Mr Johnson was speaking amid the ongoing debate over how the sporting legacy of the London Olympics can be guaranteed.

The Mayor said widening participation in sport after the Games was of "profound" importance and there were already efforts in London to achieve this.

He said: "I would like to see a much more thorough-going effort. I think we must build on the achievements of these Games. People are signing up for sporting activities of all kinds, they are enrolling, they are involved."

Mr Johnson added: "I think the government totally understands people's appetite for this, they can see the benefits of sport and what it does for young people. I think they understand very, very clearly the social and economic advantages.

"I would like to see, frankly, the kind of regime I used to enjoy - compulsory two hours sport every day... I've no doubt that is the sort of thing that would be wonderful for kids across this country. I think it is of profound importance for the happiness and success of this country that we have more sport in schools."

Do you think increasing the amount of time spent on physical education in schools would be a good idea? Is enough being done to encourage children to take part in sports? Will the Olympics leave a positive and lasting legacy? 

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