Move over Floyd Mayweather - Croydon has its very own Pretty Boy.

Boxer Chas Symonds, has not fought since his losing his British Southern Area title to Ross Minter, son of British legend Alan, in April 2005.

But Symonds is back, pledging to take the British welterweight division by storm, and has a new ring name to boot.

Symonds, previously known as the Bomber, said: "I have changed my name to Pretty Boy'.

"I read a book about a bare knuckle fighter called Roy Pretty Boy' Shaw and it inspired me so much that I changed my ring name."

Shaw fought the likes of Lenny The Guvnor' McLean and Donnie The Bull' Adams, but was also sentenced to 18 years for a record-breaking armed robbery in 1963.

But 25-year-old Symonds' motivation for returning to the ring shows an altogether softer side.

Symonds is looking forwad to the birth of his first child this summer - and says the prospect of being a father has helped him regain focus.

"The reason I am coming back is for myself, my girlfriend and my unborn baby," said Symonds.

"I want my baby to be proud of her dad and I'm determined to have the British title before she is two years old.

"It isn't just me I have to think about now - I have got a family."

After spending more than two years in the boxing wilderness, Symonds, who is a scaffolder, insists his passion for the sport always burned strong.

"I was heartbroken after losing to Minter," he admitted.

"I only had two weeks to prepare that fight and I had to lose two stone in that time.

"My unborn baby could have beaten me.

"For reasons I can't talk about I had no choice but to take that fight.

"If I had six weeks' notice I would have beaten him all day long.

"But I have never fallen out of love with the sport.

"I always knew I would come back but I was just waiting for that desire to eat me alive.

"I am a blow-up fighter, but this time I am going to stay fit all year round, so if someone calls me up and says you have to fight in two weeks then I will be ready. "