Sixteen clubs approved of the proposals for the Premier League to introduce a salary cap. These clubs also approved the idea of spending cap model and now it just needs to be tested. 

The model might be presented to clubs at June's annual general meeting (AGM), and if voted through it would start from the 2025-26 season and onwards. 

Manchester City, Manchester United and Aston Villa opposed the possible introduction of a spending cap on Monday, while Chelsea abstained. Manchester who are the current champions where most likely to oppose whilst there team is very expensive with top flight players who may leave if there is a salary cap. All the clubs that did not approve are under very rich ownership and are able to be better than most teams as they can pay for the best players or players with the most potential.

The league's current financial rules, under which Everton and Nottingham Forest were penalised eight and four points respectively this season, have been criticised for favouring clubs with the highest revenues.

A spending cap would limit clubs' outlay on transfers, wages and agents' fees. This would make the premier league fairer as the top flight clubs would not stay at the best as they can pay for the best players. This would mean other teams have a bigger chance in winning the league and going to champions league and other major events. 

Proposals have reportedly included spending being capped to between four and five times the amount the lowest-earning Premier League club receives in TV revenue.

However there is a down side to this as clubs will have a lower revenue which is worse for team owners. Another disadvantage is that players might leave the clubs in search for a higher salary which would make the premier league not the main league in club football. It could potentially make players less attracted to playing in the premier league and clubs may lose fans as players leave and staff has to be cheaper. 

This introduction would have a big impact on better teams rather than the smaller clubs at the bottom of the league.