The vast majority of children play sports. Some play to keep entertained, some play to keep healthy and fit and some play to maybe one day play professionally and try to make their sport their livelihood. However, the reality is that under 0.01% of student-athletes make it to their respective pro-leagues and this makes us wonder whether students chasing a sporting career is a good idea or if it impedes your education and decreases your chances of having a successful career elsewhere outside of sports.


Harry Tong(14) is a local boy who used to play football several times a week said, ‘after realising that I was not the best player on the pitch and that I had other passions elsewhere, I did not pursue a career in football.’


Many other kids go through the exact same experience, often realising that their dreams are too farfetched.


Take for example the NBA. They estimate that roughly 1 in 10,000 high school athletes get drafted to the league (in American sports they use a draft system where teams can pick people who apply for the draft like how you may pick teams when playing a football match with your friends). This figure is not counting the ever-growing number of foreign players who attempt to also make it to the NBA each year. Only the best of the best makes it. With such a low number of children going pro, it makes you wonder what happens to the other players. In the NBA, players who weren't drafted can wait to see if a team offers them a contract after the draft, which is highly unlikely, or they will go overseas to play for another professional league. This route leads to them having to move away from their families to play in a completely unfamiliar setting, which will obviously be very tough on the player and their friends and family.


 Children often dedicate themselves to their sport and for many it is a way of life, however, with such low chances of making it their livelihoods, it seems like chasing a sporting career is not such a good idea. Having said this, don’t let this article discourage you, hone your craft and work hard in your sport. Dedicate yourself and one day you could beat the odds and will thank yourself for not giving up.