Is rowing healthier than running?


Kingston upon Thames and its neighbouring areas are surrounded by beautiful streets ,parks and consequently lots of running clubs.Running is a great sport to gain cardiovascular endurance ,respiratory health and build strength ,it can also be a great way to build friendships.But is running really the best form of exercise? in addition to Kingstons parks and streets ,the town is also surrounded by the river Thames,,causing the sport of rowing to be growing in popularity. Rowing not only builds muscle faster Then running ,but it uses 85% of your muscles making it a full body workout, utilising your legs ,core arms and shoulders, lats and glutes just to name a few whist running is considered a lower body workout only .Additionally, being out on the river is a calming and enjoyable environment to exercise allowing for a change of scenery from everyday life.Given  rowing is a team sport, you are in a way forced to make friends and build relationships with your teammates whereas running can be an individual and potentially more isolated sport.Lastly, rowing gives you the opportunity to compete at high levels and at world famous venues such as Dorney lake-the London 2012 Olympic rowing venue- no matter your age as rowing can be picked up relatively quickly,In fact the average age to start competitive rowing is 14 with most Olympians not starting the sport until university! If you don’t feel like joining a club or rowing on water isn’t your thing, rowing machines-or ergo as they are commonly referred to-are a great alternative for a treadmill, the ergo is a machine used by all competitive rowers to improve technique and maintain fitness off the water.A rowing machine can be found in almost any gym, so next time you see a spare treadmill or rowing machine at the gym, I hope you think twice about which one you go for!