In this article, we will dive deep into the ultimate sport- Netball to find out the winning team in this tournament as well as the different qualities of Netball that sparked an interest in the players.


The schools competing in this tournament were:

The Green School for Girls

Cranford Community College 

International School of London (ISL)

St Mark's Catholic School 

Gumley House School 

Springwest Academy

The Heathland School 


Netball means something, different to everyone but I can truly say that it's a fun sport to play, especially with friends. For some, this tournament was their first, playing together collectively after just one month. For others, it was their chance to get back in the game, to win back their losses or keep their streak going.


Netball is a passion shared by many, it's a wonderful sport to play with friends. It's fun, enjoyable and is filled with a powerful sense of teamwork. It's a sport that keeps you quite active and is yet, likeable with a touch of competitiveness, which only grows the team's love for Netball even more.


Before I reveal the results, the teams would like to say a special thank you to all the teachers at this tournament.


At last the long-awaited results :

In 7th place is the International School of London

In 6th place is Springwest Academy

In 5th place is The Green School For Girls

In 4th place is St.Mark's Catholic School

In 3rd place is Cranford Community College

In 2nd place is Gumley House School

In 1st place is The Heathland School