There should be more options of sports for people to choose that they’re interested in. If you want to play a sport that you’re interested in you can ask one of the PE teachers and they will help you to think of the sport  that you want to play. When you play each sport you have to get the right sports equipment to use.

All people need to  participate in what sport that they are interested in. If people have physical disability they can still participate in wheelchair sports like wheelchair basketball and racing.

One of the PE teachers is deciding what sports equipment to get during your PE lessons. When the weather gets hotter, people can go to the park or garden to do outdoor sports like football, basketball, badminton, tennis, cricket and use the gym equipment. The PE teachers will teach the students the basics of how to play each sport and how to use the sports equipment.

In school people will have the opportunity to try different sports each term in their PE lessons based on their interests. The reason why people should play different sports, so that they  can learn how to play and what they have to do in each sport.