Gareth Southgate has been England manager since 2016, after succeeding Sam Alladyce. Does this World Cup have the power to end his managerial career?

The nation patiently waits in anticipation for the outcome between England and Wales to know whether they have progressed into the next round of the World Cup finals. The dreadfully dull nil nil draw against the USA revealed the gaping holes in England’s plan to win this tournament. The fans don’t necessarily expect a win every time but they really cannot bare the lack of passion and tension shown in Friday’s game. It is games like that, that could cost the much-admired manager his job. But is this all just speculation?

The success of the Euros (if you can call second place a success) meant that Southgate is the most successful manager since Alf Ramsey (winning manager of the 1966 world cup). However,  the memories of England fans are short and you are only as successful as your last game in this competitive world of football. It seems Southgate cannot win. If he is too defensive and plays safe, he has the nation baying for his blood. That same team won 6-2 against the Iranians and rampaged through their leaky defence. 

He is a brave, wise man and has instilled a sense of team spirit and commitment into an England team that was savaged by domestic club rivalry. Whatever, your criticisms are of his tactics there is no disputing the high regard in which he is held by the players. He is without doubt the most genuine and authentic manager England has ever had ( apart from Bobby Robson). Win, lose or draw, Gareth has revolutionised the commitment of the players and installed in them a sense of pride. For that, he will always be a winner.