A disappointing season prior, resulted in the team I loved losing out on ten league titles in a row, an achievement that no team has ever completed in Scotland. It was time for a brand-new team, the squad needed to be rejigged with players leaving out the door and brand new, exciting players to enter. Celtic appointed a new head coach in August 2021, Ange Postecoglou. This was a man who had never had any experience with a team of this calibre, only managing in Australia and Japan previously. Rival fans were laughing at this appointment and couldn’t believe there luck as they chanted, ‘that he would be gone by Christmas’. But how wrong they were…


After a successful transfer window Ange had brought in an exciting group of players from all over the world including Japan, America and Portugal. We went into our first game and started frustratingly as we found ourselves at a 1-1 draw against a weaker side. However, we picked up the form. Slowly and slowly we were making progress which soon saw us 3 points clear at the top having played just over half the season.


The season was being wrapped up swiftly, Celtic had not lost any of their last 30 games in the league. Now sitting 6 points clear, Celtic had one hand on the trophy with half a dozen games to be played. 


It was time, the game where they were mathematically able to secure the title with either a win or a draw would see them grasp the trophy for the 52nd time in the club’s history. The game started slow but a goal from Celtic saw them take the lead in the second half. Dundee United equalised after, Celtic played the game out with minutes left on the clock as a draw would see them succeed. And they did.


Celtic were crowned champions of Scotland for the 52nd time. Even with all the doubts and questions about the manager and the team, they pulled through and played some of the best football the club had seen in years. All of the rival fans were silenced and it meant that Celtic would be playing Champions League football the following season, the greatest competition in the wold.