We have had quite a few races so far- five rounds to be exact. And so far we have learnt quite a few things.


First and foremost that Mercedes our reigning champions- the team that won 8 constructors championships in a row- isn’t looking too hot. Meaning that this championship winning team has had one podium in all 5 races of this season (3rd place to be exact). Mercedes is clearly not what it used to be. 


Oppositely, Ferrari seem to be having quite the year. Going from 0 podiums in 2020 to 4 already in 2022, and there has only been 5 races. They are winning races and have a car with incredible pace and speed. A noteworthy mention also being Charles Leclerc’s skill: 4 podiums this season, and 3 fastest laps. 


We recently had the first race ever in Miami, and our first ever Miami Grand Prix winner was Max Verstappen, but this was not an easy win for him. Leclerc and Verstappen battled it out for that first place with Leclerc initially in the lead for Verstrappen to take over in final moments. 


Miami was filled with many memorable moments from George Russell starting p12 after his qualifying performance and finishing p5, making him the only driver to finish top 5 in every race this season. We also had Danial Ricardo and Lando Norris sporting fashionable McLaren crop tops with James Corden. 


All in all, the season looks promising and there’s definitely more to come.