The cadet is a two-person dinghy fit for youth sailing and favoured by sailors all across Europe. The long awaited opportunity to be chosen for the World team arrived and for the past month, the cadet class have been taking part in a three-part selector series. Those who participated in the circuit travelled around the South East, taking part in various competitions and hoping for an overall top ten position to be selected.


With a final event due next week (May 8th), there have already been two weekends of competitions during April; these selectors typically last two days each, filled with races which allow the sailors to show off the best of their skills.


The first selector, located at Grafham Water, was a one day selector rather than the typical two—an oddity within the class yet taken in stride—with most of the youth staying at the residential building that Saturday evening. The wind speeds ranged from 19 to 24 knots (22-28mph), testing conditions for the youth as they battled through four races. Even though many were forced to retire from their races after numerous capsizes, it was clear on their faces that the day had been rewarding when they returned to shore. Parents caught the hulls of the boats and helped pull the boats back to shore as the kids left the water grinning despite whatever happened on the water.


The second selector, the event placed at Pevensey Bay Sailing Club, was two days of rough and tumble on the sea. Open waters meant new challenges for these sailors who had to weigh up tide, wind, and waves in every decision they made. On the first day, with winds reaching up to 30 knots (35mph), there was only one race for the sailors to triumph; however, the second day was filled with winds only reaching 22 knots maximum (25mph), meaning there was more opportunity to fit additional races into the day. The overall event resulted in five races, one on the first day and four on day two.


A huge well done goes out to all of the sailors who competed as the conditions during both events were extremely testing, a high level of determination necessary for the sailors to keep pushing on. As Weymouth comes around the corner, and the conditions look much more tame, the sailors must use their best skills to push themselves for the final selector. This upcoming event will decide the representatives for Great Britain at the World Championships this winter. Good luck to all.