To celebrate Easter, the Aqua Sports Company in Merstham ran an easter egg hunt for their ‘Water Sports Saturday club’. 

The Saturday Clubbers had to find little rubber ducks to, at the end, receive an award. The simple easter egg hunt turned into a competition as to who could collect the most ducks overall. Even the instructors took part in this! 

Over the course of the two hour easter egg hunt, many members of the Saturday Club completed challenges of a wide variety. These consisted of dry capsizing and turtling a pico for the sailors. And for the paddlers, psycho challenge, a series of challenges that progressively get harder, going from standing in their kayak all the way to standing on the underneath of the kayak when it was upside down on the water. 

“It was very fun to find the ducks because you had to complete different challenges to get them.” - Nicola Green, a regular paddler at Aqua Sports responded when asked what she thought about the session. 

The ‘winner’ of this competition was a dinghy sailor who collected over 20 ducks. This was a great achievement and she won the competition by a long shot. None of the other competitors managed to get over 10 ducks, but all received a prize at the end nonetheless. 

And their hard work paid off and everyone went home with smiles on their faces and chocolate in their hands.