Chelsea Football Club is an establishment long associated with footballing success and dominance, but now it is associated with the tragic situation in Ukraine due to one-man, Roman Abramovich. 

 Abramovich is the owner of Chelsea FC but also a Russian oligarch with close links Vladmir Putin. As the West clamps down on these oligarchs and their assets, Chelsea FC has come under threat to financial difficulties. Despite, Abramovich announcing the sale of Chelsea FC on March 2nd the UK government placed sanctions on Abramovich on March 10th causing issues with the sale of the club. The government placed restrictions on the club. For example, no new tickets can be bought by spectators, the hotel and the club’s megastore at Stamford Bridge are closed, no players can be bought or sold and no player contracts may be renewed. The club's budget for matchday has been limited making it difficult to travel to away matches. 

20 potential bidders have been identified from across the world. The asking price for Chelsea FC is a massive £3 billion. Despite this, most bids have been just below what Abramovich would have wanted. A sale looks unlikely for now which most Chelsea fans will not be too pleased with. The uncertain future of the club has not stirred the stability of the team however, with the manager Thomas Tuchel saying he is committed to the club for the rest of the season. Despite being recently being edged out of the UEFA Champions League in a thrilling quarter final clash with Real Madrid, Chelsea remains third in the Premier league and are in a comfortable Champions league spot, with an exciting FA cup semi-final match up with London rivals, Crystal Palace. Chelsea also won the Club World Cup earlier in the season.  

In the Abramovich era, 21 trophies were won including two champions league and five premier leagues. The same success will be expected to continue under new ownership but for now the future is very uncertain for Chelsea FC.