As the watersports season starts – why not consider taking up a new and exciting challenge. 

With so many different options to choose from, ranging from Kayaking to Wind Surfing to Sailing, you never know what kind of thing you might enjoy if you don't try. There are so many different directions you could go with this.  

You could continue water sports recreationally or you could go down the route of racing and competing in competitions all over the world. There's also the option of instructing or becoming a team leader and helping other people with this sport in the future.  

I started it six years ago at a taster camp, and found that I really enjoyed kayaking. I am now training to become a paddlesports instructor. 

“I have had experience in body boarding over many years when going to Cornwall but the first time I did any guided water sports was at a party at Mercer's lake. This intrigued me to sign up to a summer course there as it was so fun! There is such an amazing range of activities including supping, surfing, kayaking and rafting. I am doing this course this summer and want to be able to do more in the future.” - Milly Rogers 

There are so many great things about water sports: you can meet loads of new people and it builds so much confidence getting out there on water and it’s a fun form of exercise.