When Kate Cross came in to join Sophie Ecclestone, they had 13 balls to survive of which they successfully survived. Connections have been made to the end of the iconic Headlingley test with Sophie Ecclestone describing how she had her eyes shut half the time whilst she was at the non striker's end. It is much harder to gain a result in women's tests due to it being 4 days long rather than 5 which it is in the mens. To make it even more frustrating, a lot of time was lost to rain or bad light. Heather Knight had a significant contribution in both innings with making 166* in the first innings and 48 in the second innings along with Katherine Brunt who took 5-60 in the first innings and 3-24 in the second innings. England will be dissapointed not to have come away with a win due to the circumstances that they were in but a draw is obviously better than a defeat. This test match has really shown that women's test matches can be as equally interesting as men's test matches because personally I see them each as very interesting but I know that many will disagree with me on that opinion. It is very rare that in the last over, all 3 results were looking possible and that is in both men's and women's cricket. England are currently 6-4 down in the multi format series as they look to the ODI's. in order to regain the Ashes, England have to win all 3 ODI's which is a very difficult task especially against a strong Australian side. England will obviously want to regain the Ashes but they also want to go into their World Cup which starts in a few weeks with some driving momentum. The questions that can be asked are " should there be more women's test matches?" and " will England regain the Ashes and maybe go one step further and win the world cup soon after?". All shall be revealed very soon