When England headed out to Australia after all the Tim Paine and COVID drama,there were hopes that England might take back the Ashes. However, this has not been the case at all and we are currently 3-0 down in the series. This can be put down to many factors such as injuries or hard conditions but I am not one to make excuses. The main reason in my opinion that we have done so badly in this series so far is because of our batting and our fielding as well. We have dropped so many catches and just haven't scored enough runs. Regardless of what our bowlers do, if we are getting bowled all out for 68 like we did in the last test our bowlers can't do much. There is multiple changes that I might change such as Jos Buttler being taken out and to give the gloves to Ben Foakes. Buttler is an outstanding white ball cricketer and I believe test cricket is having an effect on that. Buttler's technique when it comes to wicket keeping is much below Foakes'. Buttler has dropped quite a few easy chances this series sand it isn't the first time he's been criticised either. But we can't just criticise Buttler in the field because so many have dropped catches. We are also getting out cheaply and it isn't bedcause its difficult pitches because the Aussies are scoring plenty of runs on them and you can't just put that down to home advantage. It feels like England are so reliant on Joe Root and that is shown in many stats where the gap of runs between Joe Root ( top run scorer in 2021) and Rory Burns who was second was such a significant gap of 1972 runs. The best England can do is win the 4th and 5th test match and regain some element of pride if there is any to be taken. However, England's hopes of retaining an ashes is not over because England women have just headed out to Australia for their multiformat series. Is there anything that England can do to actually start getting good at test matches or will we constantly be an incredible white ball side and that is it?