Where to begin? The game of rugby has always been a beautiful one. A game for hooligans, played by gentlemen. It has saved the lives of many people whether that be physically, mentally or emotionally. Clearing the mind with your friends and showing off to those you love just how much their commitment, as well as your own, has paid off. Games of passion, team-work and determination, all blended together within one 80 minute game.

It is not an easy game. If you're not tough enough or ready to give your all to what rugby can bring, truthfully, it will scrunch you up and throw you away like a torn jersey. But if you put in everything you have to offer and most importantly enjoy every step of the enduring journey, that is all any club wants from you!

Big or thin. Tall or small. Rugby has never discriminated. An art played with grass and grit, welcomes those who are both small and quick as well as those who are slower and larger. A rugby team is split into two parts. Forwards and backs. Although they are incredibly different,  without one, there cannot be the other. 

Forwards consist of the big braulic boys and girls required to get the job done. You put your body on the line, you make tackles and you make runs. Simple right? You may not score many tries (points scored from tapping the ball down on their side) in your rugby career, however without you, tries would not be obtained.

Now, if you're not like this and you are on the smaller side, do not fret! Everyone is welcomed no matter how small or tall you are. Backs are typically required to be faster, agile and slightly more technical on the ball. They Are commanding, brave and leaders on the battlefield.

To conclude, I would like to explain the importance of a team in rugby. When you are a part of a team, you are no longer looking out for number 1 (yourself). Your team becomes you and you become the team. If you do not help the team or protect the team you will remain vulnerable and lost. But without a team in rugby, what's the point in playing? You would be playing the wrong game. This is because a rugby team is not just a club, not even just a group of friends, it is family and only family. If someone goes down you help them out and get back at whoever hurt them. Playing rugby can teach you so many things outside of physical abilities. You become more fierce, brave and definately more selfless. But you also become more confident in yourself, happier with how you live your life. You become friends with people who slowly sprout into family. I would not trade rugby for anything in the world! It saved me before when I had pathways or aspirations. So if it can help me, why can't it help you?