Middlesex Schools Rugby Cup - U15's

The Middlesex Cup is a prestigious tournament that has existed for many years, hosting various teams from all over Middlesex. This competition has been held for many years, involving numerous schools competing to be crowned the 'Champions of Middlesex'.

Within Gunnersbury Catholic School, the Middlesex Cup is the highlight of the rugby year, with all the effort and commitment towards training truly put to the test against some of the most competitive rugby schools in the county.

In Years 7, 8 and 9, the competition is put into group stages, with each team put into a table and assorted from highest scoring points. In previous years, the Year 10 competition has always ran as a knock-out round, playing individual teams - with the winners progressing on, and the losers leaving the competition. However, due to the global pandemic resulting in a lack of training within schools, a reduced number of schools entered. This competition is displayed greatly in Year 10, with the school specifically competing in the Middlesex Cup, making Year 10 the true time to show each individual's potential on the pitch.

There was a total of five teams who competed from Middlesex:

  • Gunnersbury Catholic School
  • St Benedict's School
  • University College School
  • The London Oratory School
  • Hampton School

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The teams were put into a table, with the school having gained the most points taking the title of the 2021 Middlesex Cup champions. Each team would play each other, with matches lasting for 20 minutes, having no halftime. Four schools would play one another, leaving a school with a bye match, their only resting time. After the 20 minutes were up, the match was decided, two schools had played each other and they would not face again. 

Gunnersbury came runners up, with a large contribution of that placement going down the coaches and staff who inspired the team, dedicating their time to ensure that the team played to the best of their ability.  

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