A season like no other will be over in just a matter of weeks. A title battle for the ages, one that has raged on all season long will face its conclusion in the very near future. Who will come out on top is unknown. All we know is whatever the outcome, it’s bound to be dramatic.

This weekend we head to Saudi Arabia, and just a week later to the final race in Abu Dhabi, where a thrilling season finishes it’s conclusion, and we finally find out if Lewis Hamilton makes it 8, or whether Max Verstappen can become champion for the first time.

For Lewis Hamilton, a title win this season would be by a distance his most hard fought title since his dramatic last lap win in 2008. From very early in the season, it was evident that any driver’s championship win for Lewis would be no where near as routine as last season, comfortably securing the title by a considerable points margin with many races to spare. Lewis has had to come from behind this season, unlike previous years, it has no longer been Lewis’s championship to lose. Despite 2 wins in his last 2 races, Lewis still heads to Saudi Arabia 8 points behind Verstappen. However, despite the advantage Verstappen holds, questions will be asked whether he remains the favourite, with Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff stating “the car is probably in the best place it has been all season”, as shown by the emphatic nature in which Hamilton manoeuvred his way through the field in Brazil.

With two races to go, you’d be a brave man to bet on the outcome. As Hamilton’s pace advantage cancels out Verstappen’s points advantage, we really are left with no obvious favourite. Nobody can deny Verstappen’s performance this season has been admirable, and should he not win the title, many would feel he has been hard done by, with races in Baku, Britain and Hungary standing out, accidents which he was not at fault for, costing a significant amount of points.

However, whilst many will feel he would be unlucky not to win it, the one thing we can all agree on is this has been a blockbuster season, one in which two phenomenal drivers have driven to the absolute limit, and whoever comes out victorious in Abu Dhabi, will have totally earned their status as the 2021 World Drivers Champion.