On Sunday, 28th of November, the Wallingford Head National Regatta took place in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. Included in the Regatta were many different London schools. The day started very early in the morning, as the various clubs arrived and “rigged” their boats. As 9 o’clock rolled around, the teams began to board their boats. The first race of the morning involving a London school was involving the J18 boys. Unfortunately, the St Pauls boat involved came last, but it was time to move on to the next band of J18s. In this case the St Pauls boat won the race however unfortunately, Westminster School’s boat finished last. Once the J18s ended, it was time for the J15 boys. The first race of the J15s consisted of several London schools. St Paul’s had a brilliant day, finishing in 1st and 2nd, not to mention a strong effort from the third boat leaving them in eighth. Latymer were less pleased with their results, finishing in 6th and 10th, and unfortunately Westminster couldn’t find form, and ended up in 9th place and last place. As the afternoon rolled around, it was time for the girls boats to begin racing. The J16s were hotly contested by London’s schools, with St Paul’s Girls picking up a time penalty that, if they hadn’t received it, would have put them just one minute behind 1st place. However, they couldn’t beat Henley who ended up in 1st. St Paul’s Girls, unfortunately weren’t so consistent, with two other boats finishing in penultimate and last spot. Latymer also had a relatively disappointing day, finishing in 7th and 9th, and Lady Eleanor Holles finishing in 5th, a mere 9 seconds between them and the Henley boat in third. A J16 boys 4 followed, with St Paul’s winning a well earned silver, but before long it was time for the final race, the race of the J18 girls fours. Latymer Upper came third, and were the only school that managed to get into the top 3, with Henley coming in first place, rounding out a brilliant day for them. Latymer’s other boat finished 40 seconds behind, but in 4th place, showing how anything can happen in these time trials. St Pauls Girls were hoping to round out the day with a solid victory, but it didn’t happen for them, finishing in 6th and last place. As the sun set and darkness began to engulf the river, the car parks emptied and people returned home, some celebrating, others not. Despite a mixed bag of results from London’s schools, it was a great day of rowing, and some promising stars. 

Boat of the day: Henley dominated the day, and it's fair to say Wallingford was almost certainly dominated by teams from the Thames Valley

Boat to watch: St Paul’s J15s put on a stunning display to finish first and second in their race, and show a promising future for the SPSBC