Club Cricket With Cameron.


Cameron can you introduce yourself.

Hi, I’m Cameron and I’m 15. I’ve been playing cricket since I was 8.


What is Club Cricket

Cricket Played at in a community-based club outside of the school environment. I practice twice a week at Guilford during the summer on a Tuesday and Friday evening in the outdoor nets at the club whereas during the autumn and winter months training sessions take place on Sunday evenings in indoor nets at RGS school.


How did you get into playing cricket?

That is a very good question Alex, in 2013 I watched on the telly some cricket and this inspired me to play the game myself. I started with the basic skills and then progressed up and up the levels with a great deal of coaching, help and support from my dad. I started at Albury cricket club then started playing at school in year 4/5. I moved to Guilford for the under 10 age group seasons (year).


How would one get in to cricket?

First you need to find the drive that make you want to be the best you can and go as far as you can because it is a very hard sport to progress in without lots of effort otherwise you will find it very hard to progress. Secondly you don’t even need much equipment to get started, a tennis ball and a plastic bat will suffice to get you started, make sure you really are committed before buying all the kit, it is expensive.


What has been your most enjoyable moment in cricket?

That’s a great question, I have so many to choose from, but my personal highlight would have been probably U10’s through U12’s where my team won everything they entered and completely destroyed the competition. It was a great time and wonderful experience to be part of.


Can you sum up club cricket in 1 sentence?

It is a great opportunity to develop your game and it offers a great opportunity to push yourself as hard as you can in all areas and to become the best cricketer that you can be.


Thank You very much Cameron for your time.