On the 29th of November 2021, the FIFA Ballon D'or took place following a one year absence due to the pandemic.

However much concern was held over if Bayern Munich and Polish striker Robert Lewandowski should have won it considering his outstanding 2020 and even 2021 performances for his club and country.

The winner was actually Lionel Messi who had won the award with 613 votes as opposed to Lewandowski’s 580. During 2021, the argentinian played 57 games and scored 41 goals whilst assisting 17 meaning his average G/A per game ratio was 1.02 G/A per game. Robert Lewandowski had played 54 games whilst scoring 64 and assisting 10 meaning his average G/A per game was 1.37, far superior to Messi. In terms of trophies and individual awards, Messi had won Copa America and the Copa Del Rey whilst being the top scorer in Copa America and La Liga and the best player in Copa America. Conversely, the polish international had won the Bundesliga and the German Super Cup. He was also the European Golden Shoe winner, Bundesliga top scorer and  Bundesliga player of the season.From this we can see that both players had good club and individual seasons.

But the big issue is why Robert didn't win it. Of course we aren't undermining Messi’s achievements this year but why Roberts achievements last year and this year weren’t accounted for when voting.Lewandowski had won the Bundesliga,Champions League,German Super cup, UEFA Supercup, Champions league top scorer, UEFA Men’s player of the year, Bundesliga top scorer,Outscoring Gerd Muller’s record and the DFB Pokal.

Many other football players,teams and fans also agree that Lewandowski was robbed of a deserved Ballon D’or, including Lionel Messi himself.